Tateyama & Tsurugi / From Tsurugigozen-goya to Tsurugisawa campsite


00:20:05reached a Tsurugisawa campsite
00:20:59a watering place in the Tsurugisawa campsite
00:22:45a temporary hospital of Kanazawa Univ.
Standard Course Time 0:40Actual Time 0:24 60% [ + 0:16 ]

From the Tsurugigozen-goya to the Tsurugisawa campsite

Descent toward the Tsurugisawa1 campsite on the large curl of Tsurugisawa from the Tsurugigozen-goya2. The Tsurugisawa campsite is full of tents of various colors in high season, there were calm and fewer tents than I expected. I set up my tent near the big rock where it doesn’t seem to blow great.

  1. 剱沢(つるぎさわ). Tsurugisawa is famous for its snowy gorge(sekkei in Japanese). Tsurugisawa-sekkei is three big snowy gorge in Japan. 
  2. 剱御前小舎(つるぎごぜんごや). “小舎” is the meaning of a hut. When we call a hut in Japanese, there are some variations of expression. "小屋(こや・koya/goya)", "山荘(さんそう・sanso)", "小舎(こや・koya/goya)", "ヒュッテ(ひゅって・hutte)", "宿舎(しゅくしゃ・shukusha)" and so on. They are all same meanings, the place where you can use for accommodation, but I think there is no obvious difference between them. 

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