Hotaka Peaks / To the summit of Maehotaka-dake


00:26:03reached the summit of Maehotaka-dake
Standard Course Time 0:30Actual Time 0:26 87% [ + 0:04 ]

From Kimiko-daira to the summit of Maehotaka-dake

Ascent to Maehotaka-dake1 from Kimiko-daira2. The backpack can be left Kimiko-daira. It’s a great view of Okuhotaka-dake3 from the summit.

  1. 前穂高岳(まえほたかだけ). “前” is the meaning of front. One of the mountain which consists of Hotaka-dake(穂高岳). Hotaka-dake is a generic name. Please be careful that Hotaka-yama(武尊山) exists in Gunma prefecture (sometimes it is called “Jyo-shu Hotaka(上州武尊)” to distinguish between them). They are same pronunciation furthermore it’s the completely same if you call them Mt. Hotaka. 
  2. 紀美子平(きみこだいら). “紀美子” is the name of the person who is the daughter of “Jyutaro” as referred to above. “平” means a flat area. 
  3. 奥穂高岳(おくほたかだけ). “奥” is the meaning of the inner part or the depth. One of the mountain which consists of Hotaka-dake(穂高岳). It is the highest peak in Hotaka-dake and what’s more, it is the highest mountain in Northern Japanese Alps, and the forth highest mountain in Japan. 

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