Shirouma-dake / To the Hakuba hut on the ridge


00:51:48Shakushi-dake and Yarigatake
00:58:16Reached Hakuba-dake tyoujou hut
01:19:50Reached the Hakuba hut
Standard Course Time 1:20Actual Time 1:24 105% [ - 0:04 ]

From a bothy to the Hakuba hut

A steep ascent was finished. The view on the pass is getting better. The snow disappear gradually and it has increased the summer trail. Go through the side of the Hakuba tyoujou hut1, hike up to the Hakuba hut2.

  1. 白馬頂上山荘(はくばちょうじょうさんそう). “頂上” means the summit and “山荘” means the hut. 
  2. 白馬山荘(はくばさんそう). One of the biggest hut in Japan. “白馬” has two readings. One is “Hakuba” which is the usage in general, used for the name of station, ski resort, hut and so on. The other is “shirouma” is used when we called “Shirouma-dake”(白馬岳). Some people call it “Hakuba-dake”, it is not mistake but most people who often hike would call “Shirouma-dake”. 

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