Hotaka Peaks / Hike up Jyutaro-shindo from Dakesawa hut


00:11:40Norikura-dake and Yake-dake
00:31:40an iron ladder
00:33:48Kasumisawa-dake on the left side
00:53:10an iron ladder
00:58:29a chain handrail
01:04:10a direction to Nishi-hotaka-dake
Standard Course Time 1:50Actual Time 1:12 65% [ + 0:38 ]

From the Dakesawa hut to Kimiko-daira

Ascent Jyutaro-shindo1 from the Dakesawa hut2 to Kimiko-daira3. It continues the steep ascent of the rocks where you can climb easily.

  1. 重太郎新道(じゅうたろうしんどう). “重太郎” is the name of the person who found the Hotaka hut(穂高岳山荘・ほたかだけさんそう) and “新道” means a new road. 
  2. 岳沢小屋(だけさわごや). “小屋” is meaning of hut. When we call hut in Japanese, there are some variations of expression. “小屋”, “山荘”, “小舎”, “ヒュッテ”, “宿舎” and so on. They are all same means the place where you can use for accommodation, but I think there is no obvious difference between them. 
  3. 紀美子平(きみこだいら). “紀美子” is the name of the person who is the daughter of “Jyutaro” as referred to above. “平” means a flat area. 

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