Shirouma-dake / From Shakushi-dake to Yarigatake


00:47:14Reached the summit of Yarigatake
00:47:49snowy gorge for the Hakubayari hot springs
Standard Course Time 0:45Actual Time 0:45100% [ 0:00 = ]

From Shakushi-dake to Yarigatake

Continue hiking along the gentle ridge to Yarigatake1. 

  1. 鑓ヶ岳(やりがたけ). This mountain’s pronunciation is the same as “槍ヶ岳” which is the fifth highest and one of the most famous mountain in Japan, so this mountain is often called “Shirouma Yarigatake(白馬鑓ヶ岳・はくばやりがたけ)” in order to distinguish them. One of the Shirouma three mountains(白馬三山・しろうまさんざん). 

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