Shirouma-dake / From Sarukura hut to Hakubajiri hut


00:09:58the left fork to Hakubayari hot spring
00:48:00reached the Hakubajiri hut (Unavailable)
Standard Course Time 1:00Actual Time 0:52 87% [ + 0:08 ]

From Sarukura hut to Hakubajiri hut

I started to hike from Sarukura hut1 to Shirouma-dake2 via Dai-Sekkei3. First destination is Hakubajiri hut4 where the gateway of Dai-Sekkei.

  1. 猿倉荘(さるくらそう). ‘荘’ is meaning of hut. 
  2. 白馬岳(白馬岳). Shirouma-dake is the highest and main peak of Shirouma mountains. 
  3. 大雪渓(だいせっけい). ‘Dai’ means big and ‘Sekkei’ is snowy gorge. 
  4. 白馬尻小屋(はくばじりごや). When we call hut in Japanese, there are some variations of expression. “小屋”, “山荘”, “小舎”, “ヒュッテ”, “宿舎” and so on. They are all same means the place where you can use for accommodation, but I think there is no obvious difference between them. 

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