KIta-dake & Shirane-sanzan / From Hatchou-zaka to Hirogawara-an


00:01:11a log bridge
00:18:45a log ladder
00:20:31a suspension bridge
00:23:15detour due to construction work
00:35:37last suspension bridge
00:42:08reached Hirogawara-an
Standard Course Time 0:55Actual Time 0:42 76% [ + 0:13 ]

From Hatchou-zaka to Hirogawara-an

Keep on walking in the forest after downlill of the Hatcho-zaka1. This trail also can walk in fresh mood along with the creek. Trail will be almost finished when crossing over last suspension bridge.

  1. 八丁坂(はっちょうざか). “坂” means a slope. 

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