KIta-dake & Shirane-sanzan / From Hirogawara-an to Narata


00:12:43third small dam
00:18:19a gate of the forest road
00:20:13Narata first power plant
00:20:18Hirogouchi bridge
00:31:45Narata bridge
00:35:27reached Narata parking
Standard Course Time 0:50Actual Time 0:35 70% [ + 0:15 ]

From Hirogawara-an to Narata

Trails became a paved road after Hirogawara-an1. Through the small dam, a gate of this road, then cross bridges, finally Narata2 parking would come into sight.

  1. 広河原庵(ひろがわらあん). That is a small rest place. You can’t buy anything there. 
  2. 奈良田(ならた). Narata is a one of the place to start hiking in Southern Japanese Alps. Any private cars can not enter Narata ahead, so every hiker who plans to hike Kita-dake or Aino-dake has to get on the bus from Narata. 

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