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How and Where to camp in Japan

The camp is only allowed in the camp site even in the mountain as a general rule. Contents1 Exception2 How to find the camp site3 Fare4 Facilities5 Reservation6 Application7 Till when is the tent left there? Exception You can set your tent wherever in case of emergencies such as injuries, extreme fatigue, darkness. Some hikers stay outside of the camp site by a stretch of the rules, please don’t follow them. It is absolutely bad manner! How to find the camp site You can find the camp site in the map. Most of the camp sites belong to the hut. Therefore if you wish to stay the camp site, you […]

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Staying overnight in Japan mountains, Mountain huts and camp.

There are some mountains or area, especially in Japanese Alps, where you have to stay overnight to get the summit unless you are not a trail runner. In such a case, you can choose either staying at the mountain hut or camping. Contents1 Mountain hut1.1 Can I stay a mountain hut throughout the year?1.2 Characteristics of Yama goya1.2.1 I saw a fare box in front of the toilet. Should I pay even I stay there?1.2.2 Reservation required?1.3 Characteristics of Hinan goya2 Camp2.1 Campsite2.1.1 Reservation required?2.1.2 Can I have meals at Yama goya where the camp site belongs?2.1.3 Toilet2.1.4 Water2.1.5 Washroom2.2 Bivouac Mountain hut Generally speaking, there are two kinds of […]

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How can I get trail maps in Japan? Introduction pay and free maps

A trail map is essential when we hike in general. There are several ways to get Japanese mountains’ trail maps. Contents1 Buy “Yama to Kogen Chizu”(B2 size illustrated map)1.1 Yama to Kogen Chizu App2 Garmin GPS compatible maps3 Are there any ways to get trail maps for free?3.1 Get a printable map3.1.1 YAMAP3.1.2 YAMAKEI Online3.2 Get an app from App Store or Google Play Store4 Print trail maps at convenience stores Buy “Yama to Kogen Chizu”(B2 size illustrated map) “Yama to Kogen Chizu”1 is one of the most famous maps for hiking. This map has a long history, more than 50 years, and hikers who love harder or more difficult […]

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Mountains where you have to take a public bus to get to the trailhead

There are some mountains in Japan where you have to take a public bus to get to the trailhead even though you wish to get to there by your own car. That is called “my-car-kisei(restrict private cars)” in Japanese. Most of them are executed throughout the year, but there are a few place where you can go there by your own car without its high season. Contents1 Purpose of this regulation2 What you should know about this regulation3 Applicable area Purpose of this regulation The purpose of this regulation is to avoid heavy traffic jam and protect the natural environment. Nowadays, this regulation is widely known and getting an understanding by […]

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What is “One Hundred Mountains” in Japan?

Have you ever heard of “One Hundred Mountains”? Every hiker in Japan knows it, and most of senior hiker aims at completion of that One Hundred Mountains (Sometimes it is ridiculed as a stamp-rally because some of them are not interested in nothing but the summit and they don’t enjoy process of hiking). Anyway, when you know about or plan to hike in Japan, it is a conservative idea to see One Hundred Mountains at first. Contents1 What is “One Hundred Mountains”?2 What kind of mountains are there in “One Hundred Mountains”?2.1 Which prefecture has the most amount of One Hundred Mountains?3 Pros / Cons What is “One Hundred Mountains”? […]

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7 Trail Etiquette when hiking in Japan

There are some trail etiquette or manners that you should know before hiking in Japan. I introduce 7 manners. I guess most of these manners are not special in Japan, and we should keep them in mind whenever/wherever we hike in the mountain. Contents1 Give priority to the ascending hikers2 Leave nothing3 Never bring anything back3.1 Fish3.2 Wild vegetable (Sansai)4 Respect local5 Greet other hikers6 Don’t block off the trails7 Don’t be noisy8 Conclusion Give priority to the ascending hikers If you hike down in a narrow trail that doesn’t have enough space to pass each other, and there is a ascending hiker, please give priority to them in principle. […]

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Permission required to hike Japanese mountains?

You don’t have to ask permissions to hike Japanese mountains. But there are some requirements by law depending on its season (especially winter) and area. Contents1 Basic Rule: You need to let local police know about your hiking plan1.1 Is a form allowed only issued by the local police?2 The area where you must submit your plan required by regulations3 How can I submit my hiking plan?4 About “Compass”5 Why do I have to submit my hiking plan?6 Conclusion Basic Rule: You need to let local police know about your hiking plan As a general rule, a local police (same prefecture’s police with the mountain where you plan to go. […]

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about TOZAN.TV

“TOZAN.TV” is a video site what I’ve recorded in mountains of Japan. “TOZAN” means hiking (climb a mountain) in Japanese. The videos are mainly hiking(include snowy season), backcountry skiing, shower climbing and so on. TOZAN.TV is origin of this site for Japanese. This site is for people who; live in Japan don’t speak Japanese is interested in traveling in Japan just has a little bit interest in Japanese mountains Therefore posts and videos are not only translated in English but also added explanation of Japanese and terms regarding the hiking. Contents1 Features of “TOZAN.TV”2 Notice3 Glossary3.1 About Physical Score3.2 About Technical Score3.3 About Recommendation Score3.4 About Course Time Ratio Features […]

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