Tateyama & Tsurugi / From Raichousawa to Murodou


00:16:43the Raichou-onsen-sou
00:32:37the Mikurigaike-onsen
00:33:35reached Mikurigaike
00:41:06reached Murodou
Standard Course Time 1:10Actual Time 0:42 60% [ + 0:28 ]

From Raichousawa to Murodou

I hiked up steep steps from Raichousawa1 toward Murodou2. Mikurigaike3 reflected Tateyama4 beautifully. I love Tateyama with good weather like this.

  1. 雷鳥沢(らいちょうさわ). "雷鳥" means a ptarmigan and "沢" is the meaning of a small and/or narrow river. Raichousawa is not a name of river but a name of place (mainly a campsite). 
  2. 室堂(むろどう). Murodou is very famous for the snow corridor. One of the snowiest area in Japan, in the world. 
  3. みくりが池(みくりがいけ). “池” means a pond. 
  4. 立山(たてやま). The general name of Oyama(雄山・おやま), Onanji-yama(大汝山・おおなんじやま) and Fuji-no-oritate(富士の折立・ふじのおりたて). But people often point that Oyama when he/she says Tateyama. The highest mountain of Toyama prefecture. 

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