Tateyama & Tsurugi / From Kenzan-sou to Ippuku-Tsurugi


00:07:41for Tateyama
00:09:30chain no.1
00:15:10chain no.2
00:19:58reached Ippuku-tsurugi
Standard Course Time 0:30Actual Time 0:20 67% [ + 0:10 ]

From the Kenzan-sou to Ippuku-Tsurugi

It has started hiking to Tsurugi-dake. Fortunately, the path to Ippuku-Tsurugi1 had no snow and ice so I could walk as same as summer season. Here is the good place for warming up.

  1. 一服剱(いっぷくつるぎ). Ippuku-Tsurugi is one of the small peaks of Tsurugi-dake. "一服" is the meaning of taking a rest (this word has a lot of meanings) and "剱" is the meaning of a sword ("剣" is used in general). 

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