Tateyama & Tsurugi / From Mae-Tsurugi to Tsurugi-dake


00:04:29Mae-Tsurugi (chain no.5)
00:31:31Heizou-no-col (chain no.8)
00:37:10Kani-no-tatebai (chain no.9)
01:04:22reached the summit of Tsurugi-dake
Standard Course Time 1:20Actual Time 1:08 85% [ + 0:12 ]

From Mae-Tsurugi to the summit of Tsurugi-dake

After Mae-Tsurugi1, it continues a long chain handrail area. First hurdle is Mae-Tsurugi-no-mon2. Next is Heizou-no-zuko3. The last and the biggest hurdle Kani-no-tatebai4. When you got over them, the summit of Tsurugi-dake5 will be before your eyes.

  1. 前剱(まえつるぎ). Mae-Tsurugi is one of the small peaks of Tsurugi-dake. "前" is the meaning of front and "剱" is the meaning of a sword ("剣" is used in general). 
  2. 前剱の門(まえつるぎのもん). It means a gate of Mae-Tsurugi. 
  3. 平蔵の頭(へいぞうのずこ). Heizou-no-zuko is one of the small peaks of Tsurugi-dake. "平蔵" is a name of the person who was one of the best guides about 100 years ago. "頭" means head (but we call it "atama" or "kashira" in general, call it "zuko" is a dialect word) and head means a peak in Japanese. By the way, "の" is the meaning of "of"(Japanese particles). 
  4. 蟹のたてばい(かにのたてばい). "蟹" is the meaning of a crab. "たてばい" means crawling vertically. The person who climb on Kani-no-tatebai looks as if a crab crawls vertically. 
  5. 剱岳(つるぎたけ). "剱" is the meaning of a sword ("剣" is used in general). Tsurugi-dake is one of the most famous mountain as a sanctuary of rocks and snow in Japan. A lot of hikers long for hiking here. 

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