Hotaka Peaks / From Yokoo to Kamikochi


00:00:43Yokoo bothy
00:34:51junction of Shinmura bridge
00:45:37junction of Tokusawa
00:46:21Tokusawa campsite
01:20:21Shirasawa-deai. the left fork to Tokumoto pass
01:54:10Kappa bridge
Standard Course Time 3:10Actual Time 1:55 61% [ + 1:15 ]

From Yokoo to Kamikochi

Atmosphere of Northern Japanese alps changed to Takao-san1. It’s a long long similar and boring trail to Kamikochi2 for 2 or 3 hours.

  1. 高尾山(たかおさん). A very famous mountain near by Tokyo. It became to be crowded more and more after being listed in the Michelin guide. Good for picnic as well as Kamikochi. 
  2. 上高地(かみこうち). One of the most famous scenic spot in Japan. You can go Yarigatake(槍ヶ岳・やりがたけ), Hotaka-dake(穂高岳・ほたかだけ), Kasumisawa-dake(霞沢岳・かすみさわだけ) and so on from there. Not only hikers but a lot of visitors who don’t hike up mountains also come here. Due to my car control, you have to access by bus. 

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