Hotaka Peaks / From Karasawa to Yokoo


00:05:27junction of Karasawa-goya and Karasawa hut
00:29:45around S galle
00:53:46Hontani bridge
01:36:49Yokoo big bridge
Standard Course Time 2:00Actual Time 1:40 83% [ + 0:20 ]

From Karasawa to Yokoo

Start decent to Yokoo1 after a morning glow at Karasawa2. The trail turned over a peaceful path.

  1. 横尾(よこお). A name of the place where has a hut with campsite and a bothy for off-season. 
  2. 涸沢(からさわ). One of the most famous place in Northern Japanese Alps especially in its autumn color. Karasawa has a curl and two huts. A huge campsite in Karasawa curl and hundreds of tents in high season. 

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