Hotaka Peaks / From Okuhotaka-dake to Gens d’armes


00:05:02descent of Umanose
00:17:51descent of Robanomimi
00:25:21ascent of Robanomimi
00:45:43reached the base of Gens d'armes
00:50:45reached the peak of Gens d'armes
Standard Course Time 1:00Actual Time 0:51 85% [ + 0:09 ]

From the summit of Okuhotaka-dake to Gens d'armes

Gens d'armes1 is a place on the bucket list who loves hike in Japanese Northern Alps. Of course for me. It’s dangerous but it doesn’t matter. I left my backpack at the summit of Okuhotaka-dake2 and Let’s go!

  1. ジャンダルム(じゃんだるむ). Gens d'armes comes from french. It means a military policeman. This peak is in the way to Okuhotaka-dake and it is hard to pass once upon a time, so it became to be called Gens d'armes. Now it’s not hard just pass Gens d’arme. 
  2. 奥穂高岳(おくほたかだけ). “奥” is the meaning of the inner part or the depth. One of the mountain which consists of Hotaka-dake(穂高岳). It is the highest peak in Hotaka-dake and what’s more, it is the highest mountain in Northern Japanese Alps, and the forth highest mountain in Japan. 

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