KIta-dake & Shirane-sanzan / From Nishi-Noutori-dake to Noutori-dake


00:09:21Shiomi-dake and Arakawa three mountains(deep Southern Japanese Alps)
00:14:24Aino-dake and Kita-dake
00:26:17reached Noutori-dake
Standard Course Time 0:40Actual Time 0:30 75% [ + 0:10 ]

From Nishi-Noutori-dake to Noutori-dake

The sun was rising higher in the sky. I started walking Hida-side1 toward Noutori-dake2. Shiomi-dake3 increases its presence. I enjoyed a great scene of deep south of Southern Japanese Alps4 while walking here.

  1. 飛騨(ひだ). Hida means a place of area that is located in the part of Gifu prefecture. Hida was one of the provinces of ancient Japan. 
  2. 農鳥岳(農鳥岳). One of the Shirane three mountains(白根三山(しらねさんざん・Shirane-sanzan). Shirane-sanzan consists of Kita-dake, Aino-dake and Noutori-dake. 
  3. 塩見岳(しおみだけ). "塩" means salt and "見" means look. There are several theories regarding the origin of its name. 
  4. 南アルプス(みなみあるぷす). "南" means south. Southern Japanese Alps is a mountain range across Yamanashi prefecture, Nagano prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture. also called Akaishi-sanmyaku in Japanese. I have an impression that the mountain belongs to Southern Japanese Alps are bigger than other Japanese Alps. I love Southern Japanese Alps the most. 

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