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Mountains where you have to take a public bus to get to the trailhead

There are some mountains in Japan where you have to take a public bus to get to the trailhead even though you wish to get to there by your own car.

That is called “my-car-kisei(restrict private cars)” in Japanese. Most of them are executed throughout the year, but there are a few place where you can go there by your own car without its high season.

Purpose of this regulation

Gate for preventing private cars

The purpose of this regulation is to avoid heavy traffic jam and protect the natural environment. Nowadays, this regulation is widely known and getting an understanding by hikers.

What you should know about this regulation

If you wish to hike the mountain where is executed this regulation, you should pay attention to these things.

  • The bus would be so crowded early morning especially in high season.
  • You would wait for the bus more than 1 hour, if you reached there at the last moment of the first bus.
  • Parking area would also be so crowded with a lot of cars especially in weekend or holiday. If you’d like to make sure to get the space, I recommend you to reach there the night before and sleep in the car.
  • The guidance in the bus probably only in Japanese except well-known tourist spots such as Kamikochi.
  • A fare of the bus is likely to be paid before getting on the bus at the ticket machine. There must be a lot of people who try to buy it, so just follow them.
  • You can avoid this regulation to choose other trails, although most of those trails are longer and/or more difficult than major trails.

Applicable area

HokkaidoShiretokoRausu-dakeThroughout the year
IwateKitakamiHayachine-sanEvery weekend and holidays from middle June to early August
AkitaMizusawaAkitakomagatake– Every weekend and holidays from June to the end of October
– Every weekday from middle June to late August
Fukushima, Gunma, NiigataOzeShibutsu-san, HiuchigatakeThroughout the year
Yamanashi, ShizuokaFujiFuji-sanEveryday from early July to early September
Yamanashi, NaganoSouthern Japanese AlpsKita-dake, Aino-dake, SenjougatakeThroughout the year
NaganoKamikochi, Northern Japanese AlpsHotaka-dake, Yarigatake, Kasumisawa-dakeThroughout the year
NaganoCentral Japanese AlpsKiso-komagatake, Houken-dakeThroughout the year
Nagano, GifuNorikuraNorikura-dakeThroughout the year
ToyamaNorthern Japanese AlpsTate-yamaThroughout the year

You can find latest schedule by googling them in English.

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