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How and Where to camp in Japan

The camp is only allowed in the camp site even in the mountain as a general rule. Exception You can set your tent wherever in case of emergencies such as injuries, extreme fatigue, darkness. Some hikers stay outside of the camp site by a stretch of the rules, please don’t follow them. It is absolutely bad manner! How to find the camp site You can find the camp site in the map. Most of the camp sites belong to the hut. Therefore if you wish to stay the camp site, you should head for the hut where the camp site belongs. Fare It depends on the camp site but most […]

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Staying overnight in Japan mountains, Mountain huts and camp.

There are some mountains or area, especially in Japanese Alps, where you have to stay overnight to get the summit unless you are not a trail runner. In such a case, you can choose either staying at the mountain hut or camping. Mountain hut Generally speaking, there are two kinds of mountain huts in Japan, a full service huts with Japanese style bedding and wilderness huts that has no food service nor bedding. The former is called “山小屋(やまごや・yama goya)”1 in Japanese, and most of them has name the mountain name or area name plus “小屋(こや・koya/goya)”, “山荘(さんそう・sanso)”, “小舎(こや・koya/goya)”, “ヒュッテ(ひゅって・hutte)” or “宿舎(しゅくしゃ・shukusha)”. For example, one of the biggest hut “白馬山荘(はくばさんそう・Hakuba sanso)” located […]

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